We created an entire newspaper covering every mass shooting in the last 3 years, but with one single article.
inviting american journalists to a summit to create a new standard for reporting on gun violence.
We analyzed 2.000+ mass shooting articles for their COMMONALITIES TO created a template that applies for every mass shooting  - all we need to do is fill details in the blanks. 
to show that if we don't change the way journalists cover the news, the story will keep repeating itself.
and we use this article to cover all the mass shooting on the last 3 years in america.
we also created 10 different editions matching the designs of the 10 most influential us papers, to get them to participate.
Then we distribute them on the streets in front of major news outlets, inviting journalists to the gun violence news summit.
On april 6th, 2021, the unprecedentED: we united the biggest newspapers in american MEDIA in a summit to create an agreement for more responsible gun-violence reporting—a commitment that more than 300 hundred different newspapers have already signed on it.
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